The Locate in Midlothian team worked closely with the private sector to develop a dynamic investment prospectus. This highlights the investment and development opportunities in the area. 

Through our Development Prospectus and Business Support, we invite you to

work with us to capitalise on vital investment in our business community. 

Whatever your growth ambitions, we invite you to grow in Midlothian. Our business community is thriving, supported by local, national and international organisations – all offering a solid basis to start, develop and grow.

Shawfair Business Park

Shawfair artist impressionShawfair Park is considered the gateway to Shawfair, Scotland's best connected new town - offering development land for a host of

commercial uses all centred around a quality office park environment.

Incredibly well connected with parkland and open water surrounded by cafes, bars, shops, galleries and state of the art telecommunications, Shawfair has the full range of amenities and opportunities to enhance your business needs.