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ELTI Tutoring Initiative

Closing date: Friday August 12th, 2022

Job Description

In response to the educational challenges faced by young people due to COVID-19, the ELTI Tutoring Initiative was set up to help 4th – 6th year students who were due to complete N4, N5 and Higher assessments in the spring of 2021.

Due to ongoing disruption to schooling experienced in the past two years, this provision is being extended to cover pupils in the coming exam cohort (2022/23). Eligible pupils from 7 high schools in Mid and East Lothian will be invited to take part in weekly tutoring sessions over a 10-week period, either pre or post Christmas. Tutors will be allocated to one of the council areas and will be required to deliver both online and in-person. In-person training will take place prior to commencement of the tutoring starting in September 2022.

Tutors will have achieved a Higher in the subject to be tutored, and subsequently completed a degree or equivalent (not necessarily in the same subject). Tutors should be able to demonstrate the following qualities:
• Well organised and able to solve problems.
• Patient and willing to adapt when required.
• Able to develop relationships with a diverse group of people.
• Creative and innovative.

The initiative is being hosted and co-ordinated by Queen Margaret University, funders include the STV Children’s Appeal.

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