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Synthetic Organic Chemist

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes Limited (EPP)

Closing date: Monday August 15th, 2022

Job Description

We have a position for a Synthetic Organic Chemist.  The position involves laboratory-based custom synthesis of a diverse range of organic compounds in support of our clients’ business aims in the agrochemical, veterinary and human pharmaceutical, and industrial fine chemical markets in the UK, continental Europe and Worldwide. Your main place of work will be at EPP’s facility within the Bush Estate at EPP Environmental Centre, Penicuik, Midlothian.

A degree (or equivalent) in chemistry is required; an honours degree (or equivalent) in chemistry with a significant element of practical synthetic organic chemistry, or a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, is preferred.

In-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical synthetic organic chemistry is required. Previous experience of the use of computer search engines (eg Reaxys®), pressure vessels, photochemical reactors, microwave reactors, automated Biotage purification and semi-prep HPLC systems is desirable.

Sound working knowledge of analytical techniques associated with determining the outcomes of practical organic chemical experimentation (eg LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR, UV), specifically concerning the interpretation of data from such techniques, is required.

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