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Business Gateway Midlothian Financial Recovery Service

Business Gateway Midlothian have appointed the highly regarded Helen Monaghan of HM Finance Coaching to provide the Midlothian Financial Recovery Service to local businesses. This service provides expert financial advice to Midlothian businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, specifically looking at financial recovery.

Helen Monaghan, HM Financial CoachingIf you want to future proof your business and ensure you remain financially robust, now is the time to find out more about this fantastic service. We chatted to Helen to find out more about what the Midlothian Financial Recovery Service involves and how it can help your business become financially resilient and ready for whatever is thrown your way.

What is the Midlothian Financial Recovery Service?

“The Financial Recovery Service ensures Midlothian businesses are able to confidently recover from the impact of Covid-19, in addition to building a foundation which will ensure they have the tools to withstand further challenges, whether that be something in the next 3-12 months, or in 5 years’ time.

“This support has been designed to help ensure that your business is future proof. While no-one could have predicted the impact Covid-19 would have on all businesses in Scotland, and further afield, those considered to be financially resilient, were better equipped to withstand the challenges that Covid and the UK withdrawal from the EU delivered.”

What does it mean to be financially resilient?

“In one sense it implies there is money and other resources set aside to support the business as it crosses rough terrain. However, it is much more than that. It means that the business is aware of the risks it faces and is prepared and ready to address them. Similar to an insurance policy it does not remove the danger completely, but when the business’s vulnerability is confronted, whether that be financial, technological, political, environmental or simply in the form of a new competitor, it is in good standing to fight it.

“Whilst every business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic differs, the way we all now do business has changed and we cannot ignore this. The threats we now face are much bigger than we could ever have considered before, and whilst the government will continue to be supportive, businesses must take action in helping to reduce financial risk as the economy recovers. A thriving economy is good for all of us. It keeps people in jobs, it gives consumers the resources to buy goods and services and it encourages innovation and growth whilst giving rise to the potential of more jobs.”

Find out more about debt, the associated issues and why being financially robust is key to your business’s success on Helen’s latest blog post.

What are the benefits to Midlothian businesses?

“The Midlothian Financial Recovery service can help you to stay in business, retain your staff and survive any future challenges your business may face. Whether another pandemic hits, AI growth directly impacts your operations, you experience a down turn in sales or something else entirely happens that could have a negative impact on your business, being financially resilient provides the ability to tackle these challenges head on successfully.”

Who is the Midlothian Financial Recovery Service for?

“Midlothian SME’s looking to ensure their future plans are financially robust whilst also reducing their technological, political and environmental risk. This service also indirectly benefits individuals employed by a Midlothian business, providing job security and stability in a robust business.”

What is the long-term impact of this support for businesses?

“This service is invaluable for businesses. If you want your business to support your retirement or hope to pass it on to the future generation, then you must future proof where possible.”

How do businesses access the Midlothian Financial Recovery Service?

To find out more about the service and to access this expert financial support, get in touch with the Business Gateway Midlothian team who will help you to apply for this support.

Take this one step today to ensure a successful, sustainable and financially resilient future.

Discover the range of support Midlothian Business Gateway can provide your business.

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