Midlothian – A Great, Green Place to Grow

We want to encourage your business to operate in an Earth friendly way.  We can help you become more energy efficient, and make crucial financial savings.

Midlothian Business Carbon Charter & Green Pledge

The Midlothian Business Carbon Charter & Green Pledge supports and encourages businesses to play a part in operating in an environmentally friendly way by signposting information, expert advice from partner agencies, and funds to facilitate energy efficiencies.

We want to help Midlothian Businesses become more energy and carbon efficient and realise financial savings. We also want to recognise and celebrate green business achievements.

Midlothian businesses can play a significant role in reducing damaging carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, it makes good business sense: reducing overhead costs, maintaining competitiveness, and aligning with and spreading the climate change message while boosting environmental credentials. ‘Climate Change Aware’ consumers also have significant buying power.

Support us and help to make Midlothian an even greener place to grow by signing up to our Midlothian Business Green Pledge to show your dedication to operating in an environmentally friendly way.

Midlothian Council ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration

Midlothian Council aims to achieve Net Zero carbon (balancing emitted greenhouse gases with the equivalent emissions either offset or captured) by 2030.  This is an objective for green economic development in the Midlothian Strategy for Growth – 2020-25.

We aim to lead by example, and we are working on a Climate Change strategy. This states the challenges, and is a targeted plan to realise Net Zero.

The Environmental Placement Programme

The Environmental Placement Programme from Bright Green Business offers opportunities to candidates looking to gain experience in the environmental sector. This placement programme is open to students and those who have graduated in the last three years and provides a great stepping stone into an environmental career.

Bringing Low Carbon Heating to Midlothian Homes

Midlothian Council have partnered with Swedish energy group, Vattenfall, to install an innovative district heating network for new homes at the Shawfair Development. This will being a carbon saving of 75% when compared to conventional gas boiler heating.

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Midlothian Business Green Pledge

Economic Renewal Strategy

Green Placement Programme

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