All weather golf

RIP iT Golf StudiosRIP iT Golf Studios owner, Andrew McDermott, has been playing golf for over 30 years. Born in Dalkeith, Andrew wanted to bring something new to the town and, through his love of golf coupled with some incredible technology, he is off to a flying start.

Rip it golf studio combines UNEEKOR EyeXO launch monitor technology with a range of superb software packages to offer an exceptional virtual golf experience. Tee off in an all-weather setting, with real clubs and golf balls. Whether you’re a pro looking to improve your game or a complete newcomer to the sport, Andrew and his team provide a welcoming space for all players.

Business Gateway Midlothian Support

Business Gateway Midlothian Adviser, Robbie Broomfield, has been working with Andrew to help bring his dream to life. Robbie says: ‘RIP iT Golf Studios brings a fantastic, immersive experience to Dalkeith’s High Street. Andrew’s vision has been realised thanks to his knowledge and love of the sport and interest in new technology, and he brings a fresh approach to leisure time. With support from Business Gateway Midlothian, RIP iT Golf Studios were able to launch their new website, create social media channels and develop marketing plans to support their venture.’

Andrew McDermott, owner of RIP iT Golf Studios, said: ‘Business Gateway Midlothian have been a great sounding board to help me progress my ideas into a reality. The combination of valuable business advice coupled with their experience gave me lots of food for thought and helped me set my business goals and aspirations. I’ve loved golf for years and getting to combine my business with a sport I’m passionate about is a dream come true. I would highly recommend the brilliant service Business Gateway Midlothian provide and encourage all new businesses to get in touch and receive invaluable support as you take your first steps into running your own business.’

Improve your golf

Four metre by three metre screens give a truly immersive feel to the experience and with over 170,000 courses available at the click of a button, you can play on your dream golf course whether it’s St Andrews Links or Pebble Beach. Each bay is equipped with sensors that monitor the golf ball, measuring speed, spin rate, angle and trajectory, transferring this onto the screen for an accurate representation of your game. Intelligent sensors show your golf style and gives you an indication of what you need to work on to improve.

RIP iT Golf Studios have their own locker room offering top of the range club rental too. Andrew is delighted to let you try out the latest driver or set of irons, and if you like them, you can buy them! Of course, you can bring your own clubs along for your game at RIP iT too.

Book your session at RIP iT Golf Studios

You can book your session online or join RIP iT Golf Studios as a member for a range of fantastic benefits including free club hire and discounted sessions.

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