Parental Employability Support - Midlothian Council

National 5 MathsAre you a parent who is unemployed or experiencing in-work poverty? Are you looking for help to address barriers to employment, or to upskill while in work?

Get in touch with the Parental Employability Support (PESF) team if you live in Midlothian and are a:

  • Lone parent
  • Disabled parent
  • Parent with disabled children
  • Parent with 3+ children
  • Parent from an ethnic minority
  • Parent with youngest child under 1 year old
  • Parent aged under 25 years old.

PESF is a free service that helps you:

  • To Identify and work towards an employment goal
  • To learn new skills to enhance your employment prospects
  • To gain new qualifications
  • To gain more confidence
  • To understand how to maximise your income and your benefits
  • With job applications, developing a CV and preparing for an interview
  • Increase your income from employment.

For more information, call 01968664106 or email