Employment Support - Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE)

Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) is the Scottish Government’s initiative dedicated to helping individuals and employers with advice and support when faced with redundancy.

Midlothian Council are a members of the PACE Partnership, made up of 23 organisations which include the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, Business Gateway and the Department for Work and Pensions. PACE Partners respond to redundancy situations through providing skills development and employability support to minimise the time people affected by redundancy are out of work.

PACE advisers can provide advice and support to help employees find work, access financial support and explore learning and training opportunities.

PACE Webinars

A range of live and pre-recorded webinars are available on a weekly basis from the PACE Partnership.

Webinar topics include:

Introduction to redundancy support and PACE

Facing Change, Embracing Change - create positive change in your work and life

Horizon Scanning - discover job and learning options

Get Noticed - CV & Covering Letters

Get Sorted - find and create job opportunities

First Impressions Count - Success at Interviews

What have I got to offer? - identify and communicate your skills and strengths

Further, free information can be found by visiting


Or by calling the helpline on  0800 917 8000

PACE partners provide a range of support and services for people facing the prospect of unemployment.

Discover the Redundancy Support available


If you have been, or are at risk of being, made redundant, Midlothian's PACE officer can help you navigate the change and support you as you work out your next steps. The support will give you everything from advice and guidance on your rights throughout the process right the way through to supporting you into future employment and helping you to access any other services that you may need arising from your redundancy.

Midlothian PACE Service

Email: cll@midlothian.gov.uk


If you’re an employer looking for support with making redundancies, you can get in touch with your regional PACE contact:

Midlothian Regional PACE Leader

Chris Brand

07919 848689

0131 376 3239