Employment Support - Skills Boost for Health Care

Skills Boost for Health Care is an exciting new course that has been developed in partnership with NHS Lothian and Edinburgh College. It gives people the confidence and skills to start a new career with NHS Lothian as a Band 2 health care support worker, providing education and employment for people in the Lothian region and beyond.

During the 3-week course some of the key areas covered are: safe beginners for health care, infection control, first aid, health & safety, basic life support, equality & diversity, fire safety awareness, manual moving and handling.

The key thing about this course is that if you successfully complete this course and successfully complete the NHS background checks (PVG, References, occupational health assessment) you are guaranteed a job/career with NHS Lothian as a band 2 health care support worker.

Who Can Apply?

The course is funded by the Young Person's Guarantee and the National Transitional Training Fund, which means the course is available to anyone who is over the age of 16 and is currently unemployed or their job is at risk. These courses are free to students.

No experience is necessary but wanting to care for others is massively important for these positions.

Find out more

Discover more about Skills Boost for Health Care course and apply on the Edinburgh College website.