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Guest Blog – The Wee Book Company

We’ve invited local business, The Wee Book Company, to be our very first guest blogger to give a little insight into their business. You’ll find out more about this fantastic Midlothian business, what they are up to and what they love about Midlothian.

The Wee Book Company produces uplifting, humorous non-fiction books, all in Scots. With positivity brimming from every page, you’ll be hard pushed to not finish them feeling brighter. Check out their case study to see how they’ve worked with Business Gateway Midlothian to create, grow and promote their brilliant business.

Gettin’ Gobby In The Garden Wi’ The Wee Book Company 

The Wee Book CompanyEnd of September, is it?  Tell me, did sumwan sneak in hereaboots an’ steal away 2020?  Did they snatch it away frae underneath wur noses?  Where in the heck did it get tae?  Och well, nivver mind.  Here we all are.

Well, we thought we’d write a wee blog to say hello and to introduce wursel’s.  Susan and Andrew here frae The Wee Book Company.  We’re wee hobbits – okay, we’re no’ so wee – who can be found deep in the heart o’ Midlothian, producin’ gift books tae mak’ folk smile.

We L-O-V-E wha’ we dae fur a livin’ but ohhhhh, we huv a very long commute tae get tae wur wurk.  We nip oot the back door an’ tumble a’ the way doon tae the bottom o’ wur garden.  Imagine!  A’ the way doon!  It taks us a whole 30 seconds tae get tae wur garden shed – Wee Book HQ.   Fuelled by endless cups o’ coffee, hobnobs an’ mint imperials we write, edit, produce an’ market wur books, feed the wild birds an’ watch the squirrels swing upside doon frae the roof, the furry wee hoodlums!  No’ a bad life, mind you.

Midlothian is a crackin’ place tae be.  It’s burstin’ FOO o’ creativitity, FOO o’ inspiration an’ FOO o’ jist aboot everythin’!  Nae kiddin’.  It’s a’ gaun oan in Midlothian.

We’ll keep ye posted aboot what we’re gettin’ up tae, what wur pals are gettin’ up tae an’ what havoc thae mad mental squirrels are wreakin’, but honest tae goodness, ye wuidnae believe jist how much guid stuff is gaun oan hereaboots.  Creative businesses are crackin’ oan an’ are determined tae flourish,  e’en in thae difficult days.  Tha’ includes us!

So, wha’s tha’ they say?  When the goin’ gets tough, the tough switch oan their laptops.  Noo, switch oan the kettle an’ pass me thon packet o’ hobnobs.

Ya beautayyyy!

Susan & Andrew, The Wee Book Company

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