Our business and enterprise ecosystem is diverse and thriving. 

Midlothian enjoys global connectivity, is renowned for research excellence and Data Driven Innovation, and is home to the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush campus. 

Multinational companies also choose to locate in Midlothian, such as IKEA, Costco and Nike.

Of our 2,600 enterprises, small businesses account for 58% of the workforce, and this is growing. The Locate in Midlothian team recognise that small businesses are crucial to the development of our economy, identifying gaps in the market and innovative solutions.

Through Business Gateway Midlothian we offer:

  • tailored start-up support
  • digital coaching and market insights
  • know-how to link new businesses to entrepreneurial ecosystems

For businesses looking to locate in Midlothian and grow their horizons we offer:

See how we have helped grow our business base and hear Midlothian success stories on our YouTube channel.

Social enterprise

This is a thriving sector supported by one of our Third Sector Interface partners, Social Enterprise Action Midlothian (SEAM). SEAM is an active partner of our Community Planning Partnership. With Business Gateway Midlothian, they offer wide support to third sector organisations.

Image: Rosslyn Chapel