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Kickstart Scheme Launched by Government

Kickstart SchemeThe UK Government have launched a new Kickstart Scheme to help Young People who are currently claiming Universal Credit or are at risk of long-term unemployment get back to work.

6 Month Kickstart Scheme Job Placements

Employers can now apply for funding to support new job placements for young people. Newly created job placements of 6 months are eligible for grants. This covers 100% of minimum wage payments and associated employer National Insurance contributions.

Covering Costs

As well as minimum wage costs being covered, a £1,500 fund is also available per job placement to cover set up costs, support and training for new placements. This will help to get young people back to work with little or no costs to the employer.

Application Process

Each application must have a minimum of 30 job placements to be considered for funding. If you are creating less than 30 new job placements you can partner with other organisations to reach this minimum number. If you are a representative applying on behalf of a group of employers, you can access £300 of funding to support with the associated administrative costs of bringing together these employers.

Find Out More About the Kickstart Scheme

If you are looking to set up new job placements, be sure to find out if you’re eligible for funding with this new Kickstart Scheme and help young people get back to work.

If you are a business looking to partner with other organisations to reach the minimum of 30 job placements, Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce  and the Federation of Small Businesses are working as intermediaries to and are able to help you. You can also find out more about becoming a representative for a group of employers.

Find a Job in Midlothian

If you’re looking for a job, check out our jobs page and keep up to date with the new vacancies in and around Midlothian.

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