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Mysa Therapy Rooms, Dalkeith

Based in the centre of Dalkeith, Mysa Therapy Rooms offers a calming escape for those seeking a range of talking and complementary therapies.

Mysa Therapy Rooms

Founded in January 2020, Mysa Therapy Rooms’ owners, Emma Ducklin and Alison Vikis have created a welcoming community for therapists and clients alike. Emma is a clinical psychologist and Alison has a background in health and social care so understand the importance of having the right space for both clients and practitioners to feel comfortable and safe.

Available spaces for therapists and practitioners

Mysa Therapy Rooms offer a range of bespoke, flexible therapy rooms suitable for psychological therapy, counselling, massage and other alternative therapies. With space for one to one sessions, massage tables, group therapy or even meetings and physical activity, Mysa Therapy Rooms can accommodate the range of needs of their clients.

Each purpose-built room is well-connected with superfast broadband to accommodate in person and online sessions. Internal buzzers for each room allow discreet entry for clients and the quiet rooms give a sense of peace and tranquillity to suit the varying therapies on offer.

All registered therapists with Mysa have access to an online booking system so they can see which rooms are available and easily book them at the tap of a screen or button.

Community of Therapists

Seven therapists currently call Mysa Therapy Rooms home. The flexibility offered by Mysa gives therapists the freedom to choose their working hours and room size while still connecting with other practitioners and being part of a professional community. Therapists who rent rooms receive support from one another and from Emma and Alison.

For those providing massage therapy or alternative therapy, there is no busy salon to navigate. Each room is designed to be welcoming, calming and peaceful, ideally suited for relaxing therapies.

Find out more about Mysa Therapy Rooms

Whether you’re a counsellor looking for a space to rent for your appointment, a massage therapist needing a quite space for clients or require space for group or alternative therapies, Mysa Therapy Rooms can accommodate you. Find out more about this brilliant business today.

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