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National 5 Maths Course Adult Learning

Midlothian Council’s Communities and Lifelong Learning team have announced details of their Adult Learning National 5 Maths Course starting in September.

National 5 Maths Blended Learning

This year’s Adult Learning National 5 Maths will be a blended learning course using a mix of online and face-to-face tuition. You will be need to have a computer/smart device and internet connection to take part. The group will meet every four weeks in person on Monday evenings at Croft St, Dalkeith.  All other sessions will be via zoom. Access to videos, help guides and worksheets will all be available to support you.

National 5 Maths Course Details

Initially, face-to-face classes will run in two groups. Group A will run from 6:30-7:30pm and group B will run from 7:45-8:45pm every four weeks. The course begins on Monday 7th of September 2020, running to May 2021 with the exam held in early May.

The Adult Learning National 5 Maths Course costs £210 (concessions are available) and is eligible for Individual Training Account funding. Check if you are eligible for this funding.

Knowledge and Experience

In order to undertake this accredited course, you will require knowledge of a range of mathematical concepts before starting. Please contact for more information before registering, providing your name and telephone number for a member of staff to call back.

Course Available

A full list of Adult Learning opportunities within Midlothian can be found on the My World of Work Website. They support you at every stage of your career and provide a vast array of training courses to support you and your continued learning.

Communities & Lifelong Learning

The Midlothian Council Communities and Lifelong Learning team work with young people, adults, families and community organisations to improve skills for learning, life and work.

They engage with people through: youth work, adult learning, family learning, vocational training, employment support, work experience, and capacity building.

Keep up to date on their Facebook Page.


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