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Navigating Customs Documentation Post Brexit

With the UK having officially left the European Union as of 1st January 2021, it’s imperative that you are aware of, and are completing, the correct customs documentation to avoid delays and costs to your business when exporting goods to the EU.

What to do now the UK has left the EU

While many businesses were prepared for the EU Exit and had solutions in place to deal with both a deal or a no deal trade agreement, the reality of new customs declarations and processes has still had a major impact on businesses across the UK as we settle into the new rules for EU exports. Ensure you are up to date with new tariffs, agreements and rules for exporting.

Customs Grant Scheme

The UK Government have set up the Customs Grant Scheme specifically to help businesses with the new customs arrangements. There are 3 different grants available for varying business needs. Whether you’re looking to train staff so they have a better understanding of the process, are a Trader or Customs Intermediary yourself, or you need support for the cost of IT or recruitment, the grants can support your business with the EU Exit customs changes.

Grants range from up to £1,000 for Trader Training to up to €200,000 for IT, training and recruitment. If you are undertaking a new training project you can apply for between 50 – 70% of the costs of trainers, operating costs or personnel costs to cover those in training –

Movement of Goods into Northern Ireland

Moving goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain, also has new customs rules to follow. The Northern Ireland Protocol is now in place to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This means Northern Ireland will follow several EU rules and certain goods entering Northern Ireland from the Great Britain will be subject to much stricter checks.

To help, a new UK Trusted Trader Scheme (UKTS) has launched to ensure traders don’t pay tariffs on goods that will not move out of the UK’s customs territory into Ireland.

For businesses who have ‘at risk’ goods such as food products, the UK Government’s free to use Trader Support Service will guide you through changes and can complete customs declarations on your behalf.

UK Trade Agreements With Non-EU Countries

As the UK is no longer part of the EU, new trade deals are required with countries around the world. You can find out which agreements are in place and which are provisional or bridging to allow continued trade on the UK Government’s website.

Business Gateway Support

Business Gateway Midlothian is available to help all local businesses who have concerns about Brexit and how it has and continues to affect their business. The Business Gateway team, together with Midlothian Council regulatory teams, can help with any challenges you may be facing. Contact Business Gateway Midlothian today and arrange a chat with an experienced adviser.

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