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Pentland Cycle Hire brings family friendly cycling to Midlothian

An exciting new cycling centre has opened in Midlothian. Pentland Cycle Hire is giving locals and visitors the opportunity to explore Midlothian on two wheels.

Pentland Cycle Hire offers local, affordable and healthy options for people to hop on a bike and explore the spectacular scenery of Midlothian.

New local business

Pentland Cycle Hire mountain bikes lined up against van Started by local entrepreneur, Jordan Reid, Pentland Cycle Hire was an idea formed while walking one weekend and seeing an opportunity for more people to enjoy the benefits of being outside in the countryside. After market research, discovering the joy of cycling himself, and seeing how many people could benefit from this initiative, Pentland Cycle Hire was born.

Inspired by healthy living and an active lifestyle Jordan is keen for everyone to give cycling in Midlothian a go: ‘I wasn’t really a keen cyclist until I went out on a mountain bike last year. Ever since, I’ve spent most weekends out exploring on my bike and have found so many paths and routes I wouldn’t have explored if I was out walking. I want local people to discover them too and for visitors to Midlothian to see the incredible countryside we have just outside of Edinburgh.

‘Pentland Cycle Hire offers cycling for all ages and makes it accessible for all the family with our Kids Go Free offer. We’re encouraging people to explore a new area, try cycling again if it has been a while and get fresh air while enjoying the freedom of cycling.’

Kids Go Free

When starting the business, Jordan wanted to ensure he could include as many young people and families as possible. Jordan said ‘with the continued cost of living challenges facing local people, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to still enjoy a day out without breaking the bank. It’s important for families to spend time together, especially outside in the fresh air so being able to offer free bike rental for kids was something I was keen to do. This will help get children interested in cycling and being in the great outdoors!

‘My Business Gateway Midlothian Adviser, Ali Wood, encouraged and supported me to apply for the Midlothian Council start up grant. This funding allowed me to purchase more kids bikes to ensure as many youngsters as possible have the opportunity to hop on a bike and get exploring.’

Future Plans for Pentland Cycle Hire

With plenty of bikes to get everyone started, the next on Jordan’s plan is to source E-bikes so visitors can enjoy a more leisurely cycle.

Pentland Cycle Hire will be running a kids club to keep young ones active and entertained during the summer holidays. It is proposed to run the club at least 3 days a week from 9am – 4pm, this is sure to keep kids busy and enjoying the outdoors this summer!

If this is something you are interested in please email Pentland Cycle Hire today.

How to hire bikes from Pentland Cycle Hire

Pentland Cycle Hire bike leaning against bench overlooking a reservoir

Based at Flotterstone Inn car Park, on the Biggar Road just outside of Penicuik, mountain bikes and children’s bikes are available to hire Friday to Sunday 9am – 5pm from 25th March 2023.

Booking in advance is recommended to make it as easy as possible to get going on the day however, on the day rentals will also be accommodated if bikes are available.

Jordan has maps showing cycling routes to help you get going and is on hand to answer your questions when you pick up you bike.

With prices between £22 and £26 per person, and kids going free, there’s never been a better time to hop on a bike and explore your local area.

Book your bikes on the Pentland Cycle Hire website>>

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