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Premier Pilates & Fitness Studio brings Stretch Fit to Midlothian

Midlothian-based Premier Pilates and Fitness Studio has brought the UK’s first Stretch Fit equipment to Dalkeith to help you get a full body stretch in just 30 minutes.

A decade of Pilates experience

Owner of Premier Pilates & Fitness Studio, Janice, has been running this inclusive, relaxing studio for 10 years, growing to include a separate fitness studio for energetic classes such as spinning, Kettlercise and Body Pump.

Pilates is Janice’s passion and creating a welcoming environment for those who want to learn and move was her dream. Premier Pilates and Fitness Studios offer a fully immersive experience from the moment you arrive. The specially created space allows you to leave your worries at the door as you focus on building strength and listening to your body as you work through a range of moves to improve your fitness and encourage a positive mind-set.

Stretch Fit at Premier Pilates & Fitness Studio

A new addition to the Pilates studio is the revolutionary Stretch Fit equipment. Purpose built for full body stretching, Stretch Fit classes can help with sports performance and recovery, give an increased range of flexibility, reduce chronic pain, manage stress and improve posture. After a Stretch Fit session you’ll be walking on air and continued sessions will help to relieve deep muscle tension and improve mobility.

During the 2020 lockdown, Janice and the team used their time to become expert Stretch Fit instructors. Since launching the classes in May 2021, Stretch Fit has really taken off with clients praising the short 30 minutes class for the benefits it has brought.

Providing a much deeper stretch than traditional mat work, Stretch Fit is perfect for those working from home and needing a little help after hunching over the kitchen table for two years. Small classes of four are tailored to each attendee, ensuring the stretch works for each person and their specific needs. It isn’t about achieving a certain pose in the class, it’s about moving your body to provide greater strength and flexibility, both of which are key to the prevention or rehabilitation of injuries and chronic pain in a simple, effective way.

Check out Stretch Fit in the video below

Fitness Studio in Midlothian

Premier Pilates and Fitness Studios have a class for everyone, from high intensity cardio in the form of spinning to strength building body pump and low intensity stretch classes to strengthen and protect muscles like Pilates and Stretch Fit. With two separate units in Eskbank keeping the mindful, relaxed classes in one space and the higher-octane classes in another, you can relax or turn up the tempo in specially designed studios.

Instructors are all qualified, experienced fitness experts with a passion for the industry and helping clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re completely new to fitness, looking to get back into it after a break, a long term gym goer or just looking to try something new, the welcoming instructors at Premier Pilates and Fitness Studios can support you.

Personal training and one-to-one Pilates sessions are all on offer for those who are looking for dedicated time with a qualified instructor and a jam packed timetable ensures there’s a class to suit your needs and diary.

Get in touch with Premier Pilates & Fitness Studio

If you’re keen to start or switch up your fitness journey or learn more about the value of stretching to prevent or recover from injury, book into a class or contact Premier Pilates and Fitness Studio today.

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