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Say ‘Hello’ to your customers with PM Solutions

PM Solutions offer targeted, personalised direct mail campaigns which are proving to be an increasingly popular option for businesses trying to reach customers during COVID-19.

PM Solutions

Direct Mail from PM SolutionsWith over 20 years’ experience in direct mail and print media, PM Solutions are a Midlothian based business with a wealth of experience in creating successful direct mail campaigns. Using tried and tested methods including personalised software PM Solutions get your message in front of your target customer.

Increase your businesses exposure with direct mail

More than ever it’s important for businesses to reach their target customers in an effective, timely and cost-effective way. With increasing social media and digital advertising, it’s harder for businesses to stand out and be seen amongst the noise of brands advertising in this medium.

With the switch to working from home, direct mail is a fantastic way to reach key decision makers without the competition of thousands of other brands trying to reach them in the same way, at the same time.

PM Solutions’ top reasons to embrace direct mail as part of your marketing plan

Direct Mail Incentive from The Royal Mail

The Royal Mail are currently offering a COVID-19 mail incentive to help businesses affected by the pandemic to reach their audience promoting their business at a lower cost. Coupled with the fantastic design, printing, packaging and everything in-between that PM Solutions can provide, you’ll have an end to end solution to identify and reach your target audience at a competitive price.

Get in touch with PM Solutions to find out how this local Midlothian business can help you get your offer in front of the right buyer.

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