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Helps Us Spread Kindness Across Midlothian

KindnessWe are developing a kindness project to showcase Midlothian as part of the #OneKindAct St Andrew’s Day celebrations, we hope as many businesses, services and key workers across Midlothian as possible will be keen to get involved!

To spread kindness, joy and support during tough times we are collaborating with The Wee Book Company to create a short video. The pandemic has taken its toll on local businesses and residents alike, this is our way of encouraging people to keep going and stay strong. Together, we’ll get through it. We’ll be launching the video in line with St Andrews Day, the focus of which is #OneKindAct this year. A perfect opportunity for us to showcase the support, partnership and kindness in Midlothian.

This is also an opportunity to promote the amazing local businesses, support services and key workers in Midlothian. We’re keen to have as many people as possible involved in this promotion and it’s free to be part of. We simply ask for you to send over a short video – contact us at for full details (each video will be on screen for a few seconds, enough to show your support and have your business displayed and you don’t have to say a thing!)

The video will have a voiceover from Susan Cohen, owner and author at The Wee Book Company, giving words of encouragement in the form of a specially created poem to keep us all going and remember that this isn’t forever.

To take part, film yourself holding your hands in a heart shape. Bring the heart in from the front, side, top or bottom of the screen, holding it in front of your chest and then ‘passing’ it on. We will edit the videos we receive together to show the heart being passed around Midlothian. This needs to be filmed in landscape. Please see an example video below.

This is an exciting opportunity to bring businesses, communities and key workers together to lift spirits. So, join us in spreading a little love around Midlothian and let’s get through this, together.

If you’d like to be involved please send us a message on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels and we’ll send you more information!

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