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From Legacy to New Beginnings: Scotland’s Longest Established Training Provider, The Fitness Education Academy, Opens New Gym in Penicuik

The Fitness Education AcademyFamily run Midlothian business, The Fitness Education Academy, have announced the grand opening of their latest venture: a brand-new health & fitness club in Penicuik including a boutique gym, 3 studios, sports therapy clinic, education centre, beauty therapy & a café. As Scotland's longest established training provider, The Fitness Education Academy have proudly served students for 16 years, and this expansion marks an exciting new milestone in their business growth journey.

Founded in 2008 by Annalisa Buchanan & since joined by her daughter, Georgia Torrance, The Fitness Education Academy is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness and education goals.

The Fitness Education Academy - Georgia Torrance

The new club boasts cutting edge equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of members. From state-of-the-art equipment to innovative group fitness classes, there is something for everyone at the new facility. The team are particularly proud to offer a fitness hub that boasts a range of facilities but with a personal service.

“We are thrilled to bring our world-class training expertise to the Penicuik community” says Georgia Torrance, Director, and CEO of The Fitness Education Academy "Our new gym represents a commitment to providing positive fitness experiences and fostering a culture of health and wellness in our town.”

At the heart of the business is a dedication to serving the local community. The Fitness Education Academy believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level, and they are committed to offering affordable membership options and partnering with local organisations to promote health and wellness in Midlothian.

Georgia approached Business Gateway Midlothian in 2023 to discuss potential growth plans, business structure and opportunities for support and collaboration. This led to Georgia to accessing dedicated business growth support and joining numerous Business Gateway and Midlothian Council Economic Development events, such as the Women in Business Series, to meet and network with other local businesses.

Business Gateway Midlothian have continued to support The Fitness Education Academy as they have The Fitness Education Academy - equipmentgrown, diversified and launched their incredible new fitness space.

Robbie Broomfield, Business Gateway Midlothian Adviser says “Seeing this unique business grow and provide a range of services to the local community has been fantastic to be part of. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next in their business journey and the support we can provide them.”

Looking ahead, the team are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for their business and new health and fitness centre. They envision a future where their facilities serve as a hub for community engagement, bringing people together to achieve their fitness goals and build lifelong friendships.

The Fitness Education Academy invite you to join them at their new gym and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, you will be welcomed into this fantastic community. Together, you and The Fitness Education Academy can make fitness fun, accessible, and inclusive for everyone.

For more information about The Fitness Education Academy, their new gym and membership options, please visit their website or contact them at / 01968 679100

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