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The Wee Book Company are Winners at The Scots Language Awards 2020!

Our friends at The Wee Book Company are back with their second instalment for our Guest Blog with some incredible news – they’re winners at The Scots Language Awards 2020! Great to hear that the fantastic Midlothian Business is being recognised for their brilliant work. Read on to hear all about the awards (and the sore heads the day after!) plus, all the news from The Wee Book Company HQ.

The Wee Book CompanyBlethers Frae The Sittin’ Room Wi The Wee Book Company

Jings!  Wharra weekend we’ve hud.  We hud bacon rolls, walked the dug, watched Netflix, danced alang tae Strictly an’ won The Scots Business o the Year Award a’ The Scots Language Awards 2020, while we were sittin’ on wur couch!   Then we hud a wee swally, fell asleep, woke up the morn’s morn wi’ sair heids an’ downed a bottle o’ iron brew each.  Crackin’!

Mind, efter makin’ the wurst acceptance speech o’ the decade, efter clickin’ oan the wrang live link, forgettin’ wur microphones an’ blubbin’ lik’ bairns who’d lost their lollies, we calmed doon enuf tae thank a’body who voted fur us oan wur hustlin’ bustlin’ facebook page.  Withoot wur Wee Book Fowk’s support, we’d nivver huv got within a wee snifter o’ thon award.

Och, we werenae tha’ stupit oan the live acceptance thingumay, tho’.  We didnae forget tae plug wur new Christmas titles comin’ oot soon.  Wur new Wee Books are comin’ oot thick an’ fast, an’ cos a’body’s huvin’ hard times the noo, we huv a’ sorts o’ special offers set tae flee aboot.  Check them a’ oot oan wur online shop.  They’re stoaters!  E’en if we dae say so wursel’s … aye, we dae …


Susan an’ Andrew


Read more about The Week Book Company and how Business Gateway Midlothian have worked with them in our case study.

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