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Visit Scotland’s Regional We’re Good To Go

VisitScotland have launched a regional “We’re Good to Go” campaign through Facebook events, and Locate in Midlothian is delighted to be part of it.

Facebook Event Pages

Regional ‘We’re Good To Go’ Events have been created on VisitScotland’s consumer Facebook page, encouraging businesses to use these online events to let visitors know that they’re accredited, and ready to welcome visitors. It also creates a platform for visitors to engage directly with the industry and indicate that they’re looking forward to visiting your business and destination. Locate in Midlothian are a co-host on the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Event and will be spreading the word about the brilliant Midlothian businesses who are Good To Go.

Tell People ‘We’re Good To Go’

We encourage you to post in the event about your business; let people know you’re open, highlight any changes you may have made to adhere to health and safety guidelines, or anything else that will be helpful for visitors to know before they arrive. It’s a great way to let everyone know the fantastic work you’ve been doing to keep your employees and customers safe.

Join The Event

You can find the event for Edinburgh & The Lothians on the VisitScotland and Locate In Midlothian Facebook pages in the events sections. As Facebook only allows events to last a maximum of two weeks, the event date has been set to 31st December 2020 to give maximum time for engagement with the campaign.

For Visitors

As you start to explore Scotland again, keep an eye out for the ‘We’re Good to Go’ logo which will show you tourism businesses who are working hard to adhere to government and public health guidance, and have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to check they have everything in place to reopen safely.

If you’re travelling to Edinburgh & The Lothians this year or having a staycation here click ‘going’ in the event to show your support and commitment to the local area. We can’t wait to welcome you to Midlothian!

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