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The Young Person’s Guarantee: Connecting Midlothian employers with young people

If you’re thinking of hiring a young person for your business, The Young Person’s Guarantee is offering a £4,000 incentive to employers to help support recruitment and development of young people in Scotland.

The Young Person’s Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee aims to ensure that within 2 years every person aged between 16 and 24 in Scotland will have the opportunity, depending on their circumstances, to study; take up an apprenticeship, job or work experience; or participate in formal volunteering.

Midlothian Employer Recruitment Incentive

A recruitment incentive of £4000 for full time employment and £2000 for part time employment is available to support employers with staff costs if employing a young person who is unemployed or at risk of unemployment.  Additionally, Midlothian Council’s Communities and Lifelong Learning will work with employers to provide pre and in work support to participants to ensure there are no barriers for young people to access and sustain suitable employment opportunities.

The Young Person’s Guarantee gives businesses the scope to invest in a skilled workforce for the future and build the workforce they need at a time when staffing is stretched and businesses are struggling to find workers. Employers will also be giving young people a chance to achieve their potential and prepare for the world of work, creating a fair and inclusive workplace that supports all young people, despite the barriers they may face.

Support for Young People

All young people involved have a dedicated keyworker who works with them to develop a person centred action plan which can include:

Get involved with The Young Person’s Guarantee

If your business can offer a young person the opportunity to achieve their potential and prepare for the world of work while your business earns £4,000 to support with their employment and development call 07880 251 052 or email to get involved.

You can find more information about The Young Person’s Guarantee on their website.

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