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Midlothian Businesses Encouraged to Sign Midlothian Business Green Pledge

Businesses in Midlothian are encouraged to sign a new Midlothian Business Green Pledge designed to support businesses in their endeavours to be environmentally friendly.

The newly launched Carbon Charter and Green Pledge are designed to support businesses in the transition to being a green business, demonstrating their commitment to the Scottish Government and Midlothian Council’s Net Zero ambitions.

The Midlothian Business Carbon Charter

As we launch the Midlothian Business Carbon Charter we will be showcasing some of the work that Midlothian is doing to support the environment. The Carbon charter highlights the work Midlothian Council is doing to support the environment and the support available to businesses, from a variety of sources, to help them on their way to being an environmentally aware and friendly business.

Midlothian Business Green Pledge logo

The Midlothian Business Green Pledge

To compliment the Carbon Charter a Midlothian Business Green Pledge has been developed. Businesses are encouraged to sign the pledge to show their commitment to improving their environmental practices, understanding the impact they have and creating a green action plan, all with support from Business Gateway Midlothian advisers. These small steps can have a big impact on your business, the environment and your customers and with an ever increasing focus on climate change and the environment, now is the time to make your promise to become a greener, more sustainable business.

Environmental impact

From more rainfall to spells of drought and increases in global temperatures, plastics washing up on beaches and harming wildlife to reliance on natural resources such as oil, we are all seeing the impact of our actions on the planet. Businesses, and more importantly your consumers, are becoming more environmentally aware and understanding that they have a role to play in protecting the planet and our futures.

Midlothian council is no different and, in line with Midlothian Council’s Net Zero Carbon Strategy 2030, the new Midlothian Business Carbon Charter and Green Pledge are now live. Providing top tips, actions and support to businesses, signing the Midlothian Business Green Pledge shows your business’s dedication to reducing your impact on the environment.

You can find full details of the steps Midlothian Council is taking to improve their actions and support the move to Net Zero in their Climate Change Strategy.

Business Gateway Support

Signing the new Midlothian Business Green Pledge offers businesses the opportunity to connect with a Business Gateway Adviser who will support you to develop your own green action plan, to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions and achieve cost savings.

As a starting point, you can find some great top tips to help your business be greener on our blog.

Sign the Midlothian Business Green Pledge

Ready to take action and show your commitment to the environment? Commit to the Green Pledge today and help to spread the word that Midlothian is a great, green place to grow.

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