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Midlothian Guitar Repairs contributes to the Circular Economy

Midlothian Guitar Repairs

Woodburn based Midlothian Guitar Repairs specialises in the maintenance and repair of acoustic and electric guitars to help them last a lifetime and have a positive impact on the environment.

Owner, Brandon Walker, is a passionate musician with a love of guitars. He has been a musician from an early age practicing and playing in bands in his spare time. Seven years ago he decided to return to university to gain a qualification in the field. Brandon began offering guitar lessons support himself while studying, passing on his love for the instrument to new generations. He has since completed a classical music degree, a masters and recently started a PHD after receiving a scholarship from the Ian Tomlin Fund at Edinburgh Napier University. Brandon will be traveling to Spain several times over the course of his PHD to research the relationship between classical guitar and flamenco culture, furthering his knowledge and passion for the subject matter.

As a musician, Brandon has always sought out the best instruments he could afford. This has meant he has had to repair and maintain guitars to ensure they stay in the best possible condition.

Midlothian Guitar Repairs Jimi strat

Brandon acknowledges the negative impact that a new instrument can have on the environment; from toxic chemicals and glues used to seal guitars to non-biodegradable plastics and older instruments being sent to landfill. Brandon was keen to use his skills to build and repair instruments for others, minimising environmental impact and focussing on repairing rather than buying new.

Each guitar repaired by Midlothian Guitar Repairs receives the utmost care and attention. Brandon chooses modern, low impact, environmentally friendly solvents and materials and works with suppliers who have their own green policy in place. Midlothian Guitar Repairs has also signed up to the Midlothian Business Green Pledge, showing their commitment to Midlothian and Scotland’s Net Zero targets. Brandon prioritises the re-use of parts whenever possible and uses wires housed in cloth rather than the standard plastic casings – all actions designed to reduce his carbon footprint.

Through Brandon Walker Music’s tuition services, Brandon has identified a need for more support to allow those that can’t afford tuition.  He is keen to give back and ensure everyone can access music tuition, regardless of background, age or ability by channelling his passion into a social enterprise called Midlothian Music School. Plans for this new social enterprise are in progress and the service will allow learning to reach a much wider audience than at present.

Midlothian Guitar Repairs Working with Business Gateway Midlothian has allowed Brandon to access dedicated business support and funding opportunities. Brandon said: ‘My Adviser, Robbie, offered invaluable guidance and supported me in the set up and growth of my businesses. He also provided step by step guidance around the legal structure of my Social Enterprise. Business Gateway Midlothian connected me with their partners, and I was awarded funding via the Capital City Partnership IEE Start Up Fund.’

If you are keen to have your guitar repaired or serviced or if you’re looking for a new guitar, get in touch with Midlothian Guitar Repairs today.

Visit Midlothian Guitar Repairs website>>

For those looking to improve their playing or are keen to learn how to play guitar, Brandon Walker Music offers a range of teaching services to help you.

Visit Brandon Walker Music’s website>>

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