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Midlothian’s Green Businesses – EPP Ltd

Since launching our Midlothian Business Green Pledge, we’ve had lots of fantastic businesses sign up and start to reap the rewards of support from Business Gateway Midlothian in helping them progress their environmental initiatives or get started on their journey to transitioning to greener practices.

Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes Ltd (EPP)

One of these businesses is EPP Ltd, a GLP contract research organisation based within Midlothian Science Zone specialising in 5-batch analysis, physico-chemical testing, ecotoxicology, eFate, custom synthesis and R&D. Through their work they ensure, where possible, they are as environmentally friendly as possible, with strict codes and guidelines to follow. This is just one of the reasons why they have a trustworthy and excellent reputation.

Why did EPP sign the Midlothian Business Green Pledge?

As a business with a strong focus on the environment, signing the Midlothian Business Green Pledge made sense. With numerous green initiatives already in place, environmentally conscious employees and customers and with the Net Zero targets of both Midlothian and Scotland in mind, EPP Ltd saw this as a positive Midlothian initiative. It gives them an opportunity to continue to improve and challenge their existing operations and show that they take Midlothian’s climate ambitions and actions seriously.

What are EPP Ltd doing to reach Net Zero?

Integral to EEP Ltd’s business are the ‘three R’s’’: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Everything their business does falls into these guiding principles to ensure they’re doing their bit for the environment, both now, and for future generations.

As part of this approach to their business, EPP Ltd are committed to:

To help achieve their sustainability targets and drive their business forward, EPP Ltd regularly evaluate their environmental performance. This includes assessing and reviewing the environmental impacts their activities may cause and monitoring any changes in work activities which affect the environment. As a company involved with chemical testing, they truly understand the need for their activities to be safe and sustainable, for their employees, their business and the world.

Set within the beautiful Bush Estate, EPP Ltd have utilised their grounds for good with wildflowers and habitats for pollinating insects including bees and other insects such as hoverflies, beetles, flies, butterflies and moths. Next year they will be introducing swift boxes to the grounds, encouraging nesting and further habitat creation. Space in their grounds is also set to be used for allotments, encouraging staff to get out in nature and discover the benefits and rewards of growing their own food.

Within their wildlife friendly grounds EPP Ltd have their own water Borehole providing their water source. Rainwater is recycled back into a natural burn and an onsite pond is a natural source of water for wildlife and birds.

EPP Ltd’s Green Pledge

Sharon McCluskie, Admin Manager from EPP Ltd said: “Signing the Midlothian Business Green Pledge is something we are delighted and proud to be part of. We have a number of innovative and impactful environmental initiatives already in place but felt this was the perfect opportunity to take a step back, evaluate our performance, process and ensure that we are environmentally on track, where possible. We understand that small steps can make a big difference to all our futures. This is a great initiative for Midlothian and we encourage other businesses to sign up too.”

EPP Ltd’s signing of the Midlothian Business Green Pledge and their environmental resources are communicated to both employees and customers and resources are made available to all, helping to further implement and maintain their environmental policy. You can find out more about EPP at

Sign the Midlothian Business Green Pledge

Whether you’re well on your way to being a green business like EPP Ltd, are looking for some guidance for your next steps or are at the beginning of your green journey, our Midlothian Business Green Pledge can give you the tools, support and advice you require.

Sign up today and reap the rewards of taking Climate Action.


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