Once known for coal mining, Midlothian now has the largest concentration of animal-science related expertise in Europe, including the world famous Roslin Institute, home to Dolly the sheep.

Today, it’s a well-serviced area in the heart of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region with a strong community base. 

A Digital Centre of Excellence opened in 2018 at Newbattle Community High – a pioneering centre and UK first. A partnership between the University of Edinburgh and Midlothian Council, the award-winning centre delivers world-class learning, and shows our investment in education and the digital scholars of the future.

More recently, the go ahead was given for a new Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) school in the A701 corridor.

A new health and social care centre of excellence is proposed at Shawfair’s new high school, and the new Shawfair Business Park will also provide opportunities for wider investment.

Economic participation in Midlothian is significantly above the Scottish and GB average with 81.8% economically active, and 79.3% of the working age population in employment. The area is set to be one of the powerhouses of Scotland’s economy.

The Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal (ESECRD) accelerates growth through significant government investment. By investing in innovation, skills and infrastructure, it‘s a mechanism to improve regional performance and to address inequality and deprivation. 

Through the City Regional Deal, we will harness investment in an enhanced infrastructure and pan-city region to drive change. All of which will support businesses, start-up activity and increase capacity for growth.

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Business Support

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Economic Development

Image: Glencorse Reservoir with Pentland Hills behind