After consultation across the area’s key sectors, we published our Economic Development Strategy for Growth 2020-25 in December 2019. 

The Strategy captures the needs and aspirations of our businesses, communities, third sector and citizens of Midlothian with the vision:  

’For Midlothian to be a recognised area in which to live, work and do business in; an economy that is sustainable, inclusive, ambitious and internationally recognisable as home to world leading clusters of science, innovation and tourism offer from which all our citizens can benefit’

This identifies six strategic objectives: 

  • To integrate Midlothian with the regional economy and promote the region internationally 
  • To improve the skills landscape
  • To increase economic participation 
  • To build on the success of our key sectors
  • To improve the vibrancy of our town centres and make them more environmentally friendly 
  • To accelerate growth through infrastructure upgrades 

These objectives and the Strategy’s key priorities align with the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy and Midlothian’s Community Planning Partnership’s vision of: ‘Midlothian: a great place to grow’

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Business Support

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Competitive Economy


Key Sectors

Image: Glencorse Reservoir with Pentland Hills behind